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Culture And Facts Of Texas

Texas is also known as the 'Lone Star' State. It achieved its independence from Mexico in 1836. It is the 28th State to join the Union of USA, in the year 1845. It is a Spanish name, from an Indian word, meaning 'friends' or 'allies'. It is the second largest state in the Union. It has passed through a turbulent history, but now it is one of the top oil producing states and an important center for trade, commerce and industry. Its main flower is Bluebonnet.

While Austin is the capital of Texas, Dallas is one of the important cities. The present constitution of the state was adopted in the year 1876. Its motto is friendship; its bird, Mockingbird; its tree, Pecan; and the national song is, 'Texas, Our Texas'.

The population of the State of Texas, according to the Jan 2004 census, was 22,490,000. Majority of them are from the Anglo ethnicity (53 %). The rest of the population consists of Hispanic, black and others. The ten major cities of Texas are- Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, El Paso, Arlington, Corpus, Plano and Garland. The total population of these major cities is approx. 50,000 or more.

The total area of Texas is 2,68,581 sq. miles. The highest point in the state is Guadalupe peak (8,749 ft.) in Gulbersion County. The Lowest Point at sea level is Gulf of Mexico.

The most visited destination in Texas is Dallas. It consists of a big wholesale market by world standards. It is one of the top Conventional Centers of USA. Due to this very reason, Dallas has about 60,000 hotel rooms. The two important airports of Dallas are DFW International and Love Field.

Fair Park is the largest cultural center of Dallas. It is a historical landmark as well. It was built in the year 1880, in an area of roughly 300 acres. There are also many museums, amphitheaters and music halls in this area.

Texas has a fascinating and turbulent history of 10,000 years. Buildings and artifacts, which are rare examples of the cultural heritage of Texas, are properly maintained and looked after. With the urban sprawl of the country, looking after the tangible assets is a difficult task. Experiencing the beauty of such historical buildings, districts and landscapes give us a first hand account of the minority groups of Texas, such as Mexican Americans, Native Americans and African Americans.

These artifacts throw light on the life and living of the early Texans. Some of the interesting revelations are: the earliest hunters of Texas used spears. The bow and arrows came into picture just 1500 years ago. The Spaniards introduced the horse to American Indians, about 1500 years ago. The language that they spoke was related to Indian language of the Caribbean region.

Unfortunately, about 90 % of the ancient history sites in many areas of Texas have been destroyed or damaged!

Six countries have ruled Texas, before it was finally merged with the Union of States to become an integral part of USA. The mixed population of the State makes it one of the unique places to travel and understand its unique diversity.

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